Nihahi Creek Kananaskis Country, AB

FOR MORE PICTURES FROM MY HIKE CLICK HERE!  Sorry I have not posted in a while! I had a summer course that I was busy finishing the papers for and then I went on vacation to Penticton, which I will blog about later! ABOUT OUR HIKE:  On Canada Day this year my mom and I... Continue Reading →

Troll Falls, Kananaskis, Alberta

Here's another waterfall post! This hike is for the most part is quite easy. Of course, there are some tree roots to cross over and a few small inclines, but nothing major. According to the Alberta Parks site the total length of the hike is 1.7km one way (approx. 3.4km total). The main reason I... Continue Reading →

Karst Springs

Someone made a request that I post about Karst Springs, so I am now fulfilling that request. I went here for the first time last summer. To be honest, the first part of the hike is slightly boring as it is on an old road, but once you reach the lake and the springs it is... Continue Reading →

Grassi Lakes, Canmore, Alberta

As with my last post, about Grotto Canyon, Grassi Lakes is a hike that I love to do at least once per summer. As I mentioned in a lot of my posts I love waterfalls and Grassi lakes has a wonderful waterfall and other bodies of water to photograph. Grassi Lakes is a hike I love because... Continue Reading →

Grotto Canyon, Exshaw, Alberta, Canada

One of my favourite hikes in the summer or winter is Grotto Canyon. Every season I try to come here at least once. In the winter, it's such a unique experience as the waterfalls are frozen and the walkway is complete ice. It is best to bring cramp-ons so that you do not end up sliding... Continue Reading →

Jasper in a Day! {July 26, 2016}

(For more Jasper pictures click here) Last summer we did not go on a long holiday, as we normally due, to prior obligations. Instead we had more of a 'stay-cation' and went on different day trips throughout the week. One of our day trips was to go out to Jasper as I had not been... Continue Reading →

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