Day 6: Kangaroo Creek Farm

Have you ever wanted to hold a baby kangaroo or wallaby? What about hold a sugar glider? Pet a capybara? Well, do I have a place for you! In my last post I talked about my first couple of days in Penticton. I decided to skip ahead to my last day since I was super excited to tell you about this amazing place!


Day 1 and 2: Osoyoos Desert Centre, Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, and the Penticton Channel

From July 22-July 29 my mom and I went camping in Penticton, British Columbia. My pappy came along for part of the trip. It was a great break and within that week we were able to fit in a LOT of activities! I will be blogging about these activities in multiple posts.


California Adventure

I recently imported all of my blog content (from Travel Pod) regarding my 2014 Reading Break Trip to California! I thought I would let you all know so you could check them out. I had to complete this for an assignment in my Communications Class, but I am very glad I did so I have a detailed description of my holiday.

Read the posts here:


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Hell’s Gate, British Columbia

In the summer of 2015 my mom, my friend, and I drove out from Calgary, Alberta to White Rock, British Columbia. We made a few stops along the way and one of them was to Hell’s Gate Airtram . This was a unique experience and would definitely recommend stopping, if you are willing to go a bit our of your way.


The sign at the beginning says,

“A man’s legacy: The early explorer Simon Fraser documented his death defying journey to the Pacific Ocean. This section of the Fraser River over 1000 feet below you was compared in Simon’s journal to ‘the gates of hell’ because of its thundering rapids and terrifying white water. Historians now refer to this area as Hell’s Gate.”


Reading Week (February 2016): Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Since I just started my site in March 2017, I have a lot of  past ‘adventures’ to post about. This year for reading week I spent most of my time hanging out with friends and family close to home, so I thought I would post some photos from last year’s reading week.


Back where I started

**This is a post from my old blog on TravelPod, but I have imported the content to my new blog!**

Hello everyone! As I write this post I am so FROZEN! Just the other day I was in a place where it what 30 degrees Celsius and now, as I type this, it is minus 23. My mom told me that the whole time I was gone it did not snow, but the night I got home of course it had to snow and I am the designated sidewalk cleaner. (more…)

Day 5: Birthday at Disney California Adventure

**This is a post from my old blog on TravelPod, but I have imported the content to my new blog!**

First off I would like to thank everyone for your lovely comments. I do read each and every one of them and truly appreciate that you all take time to comment.

Today was my 19th Birthday and what’s a better way to spend it than at Disney?! (more…)

Day 4: The day of rest.

**This is a post from my old blog on TravelPod, but I have imported the content to my new blog!**

Good evening everyone!

Unfortunately today we did not do anything majorly exciting because we were tired from the past few day’s activities. My Granny was also feeling a little under the weather. We slept in until a little passed 10 and then hung out in our hotel for a bit and watched T.V. (more…)

Day 3: Hollywood Blvd, Anaheim, & Downtown Disney

**This is a post from my old blog on TravelPod, but I have imported the content to my new blog!**

Today was quite a busy day involving a lot of travelling. This morning we had to pack up our entire luggage and check out of the Sheraton so that later in the day we could go to Disneyland!