Blast from the Past

The other day I was cleaning my room and in one of the books I found one of those “Dear Future Ariel” letters. I had forgotten that I had even written it until I found it, but once I found it the memories came flooding back.

I think it was in Health Class in fourth grade that we did this activity. I cannot remember exactly what it was supposed to teach us, but it was a good listen because it definitely helped me. I remember we in order to write the letters we were to write things they we ourselves knew about (i.e. how we keep healthy, what we think we are good at, etc.). The secondary part of the project was for everyone to write something about their classmates that they liked about them. The teachers then compiled that information and gave back a final list of ‘results’ to each student to inset into their letters.

My letter went like this:


Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta

As most students would agree, during school you have little to no time to get out and explore. Weekends are normally filled with assignments, readings, studying, etc. Even though this may be the case, over the past four years I have learned that it is important, even necessary, to get away from the work and the stress of life.