Reading Week

California Adventure

I recently imported all of my blog content (from Travel Pod) regarding my 2014 Reading Break Trip to California! I thought I would let you all know so you could check them out. I had to complete this for an assignment in my Communications Class, but I am very glad I did so I have a detailed description of my holiday.

Read the posts here:


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Reading Week (February 2016): Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Since I just started my site in March 2017, I have a lot of ย past ‘adventures’ to post about. Thisย year for reading week I spent most of my time hanging out with friends and family close to home, so I thought I would post some photos from last year’s reading week.


Preparing for my California Adventure

As I sit down to write this post it is -17หš Celsius in Calgary, but feels like -25หš Celcius, according to The Weather Network. I don’t tend to normally write about the weather, but as you guessed from the title and location of my blog I will be soon departing to Sunny California, which according to The Weather Network is 17หš Celsius. Now, to someone in California that may seem cold, but for me a person who has felt like a Popsicle for the past month, that is t-shirt and shorts weather!