Day 5 (part 1/3) Arizona Trip: Glen Canyon Dam

For day 5 of my trip I will be posting in three parts since the post is quite long and I have lots of pictures from it.

Initially, we planned to go to Horseshoe Bend.We had all of our water, hiking sandals, sunscreen, hats, etc., but when we got there was a sign at the trail head that said no sandals. We hadn’t known this until we arrived we checked their website and everything, but somehow missed it. So even though our sandals are for hiking and are quite comfortable we didn’t want to risk it since obviously that rule was there for a reason.

Glen Canyon Dam

Instead we drove around Page and went and checked out Glen Canyon Dam. I didn’t bring my camera in with me, so these photos are just from my phone.

Here’s a bit about the dam:

“Glen Canyon Dam is the second highest concrete-arch dam in the United States, second only to Hoover Dam which stands at 726 feet. The 26.2 million acre-feet of water storage capacity in Lake Powell, created by Glen Canyon Dam, serves as a ‘bank account’ of water that is drawn on in times of drought. This stored water has made it possible to successfully weather extended dry periods by sustaining the needs of cities, industries, and agriculture throughout the West” (source:


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