Emerald Lake Hike & Natural Land Bridge, Yoho National Park, BC

For my mom’s birthday, on July 15, she really wanted to hike around Emerald Lake. We had never been before and I was quite excited to photograph the blue water! The weekend before we had done the hike to Laughing Falls, so it seems we were on the theme of Yoho National Park! 


We left Calgary by about 6 am since we wanted to arrive before the big crowds, which was a good idea because by the time we were done the hike the place was packed!

The hike is only about 5 km total and most of it is quite flat and easy. One side of the lake does have more tree roots and such to step over, but that was no challenge to us. If you ever want to see one of the bluest lakes you have ever seen and have a nice walk all the way around I would definitely recommend this hike for you!


Two people canoeing, we want to go back one day to try this!

The day we went the mountains were slightly smoky due to the forest fires, so one day I hope to go back and take clearer pictures. The mountains at the lake were different than the ones I am used to seeing so it was a great treat.


This area is more prone to avalanches and you could see the different paths that they have taken. There was even some snow right beside the trail.



Some tips I have for this hike are to arrive early to beat the crowd and ensure you bring bear spray! And as always: sunscreen, water, snacks, comfy shoes, and I cannot stress this enough CHECK THE TRAIL REPORT!

On the way back to the main highway we quickly stopped at the Natural Land Bridge. It was quite busy by then, so I did not get many pictures, but it was still neat to look at.



To find Emerald Lake and the Natural Land Bridge it is quite easy. It is slightly pass Field, BC if you are travelling from Calgary. There are signs that say “Emerald Lake Lodge” and you turn there and follow that road.

Thanks again for reading my post! I am getting caught up on all of my adventures slowly, but surely!



-Ariel Pandachuck



Twitter: @ArielPandachuck

Instagram: @Ariellmp

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