Grotto Canyon, Exshaw, Alberta, Canada

One of my favourite hikes in the summer or winter is Grotto Canyon. Every season I try to come here at least once.


In the winter, it’s such a unique experience as the waterfalls are frozen and the walkway is complete ice. It is best to bring cramp-ons so that you do not end up sliding all over the place.

I also love this hike in the summer because, even on a hot day, it is still nice and cool in the canyon.

This hike usually takes my mom and I about two to three hours tops, depending on how long we spend looking at the Aboriginal art (pictographs), waterfalls, hoodoos, and the cave. I would not recommend bringing a stroller on this hike as most of it involves walking through a dried up river bed.

**Note: the pictures I have posted are from Easter 2016 and from May 2015**

For this hike I would recommend bring a sweater as it gets cool in the canyon, wear comfy shoes, bring water, and of course bear spray in the summer. As a final reminder, do not touch the pictographs as it will make them fade faster and others will then not have a chance to see them.

If you would like more information about the location and more of a description of the hike I recommend visiting the TrailPeak site (click here).


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