Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta

As most students would agree, during school you have little to no time to get out and explore. Weekends are normally filled with assignments, readings, studying, etc. Even though this may be the case, over the past four years I have learned that it is important, even necessary, to get away from the work and the stress of life.

On January 15, 2017 this was definitely the case for me. My mom, my friend, and I headed out to Banff for a two night stay. We had a ton of fun! We ordered pizza, went to the spa, did a bit of shopping, went swimming, and for a little drive out to Lake Louise.

Below are just a few photos that I took while we were at Lake Louise. Normally I take more photos, but I was just so busy relaxing 😉

As time permits I will be posting about past adventures I’ve had and of course new ones!

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