Day 6: Disneyland!

**This is a post from my old blog on TravelPod, but I have imported the content to my new blog!**
As I sit here writing this post my trip has sadly come to an end. Sorry for not posting last
night, but over 12 hours at Disneyland takes a lot out of you!

The last day was probably one of my favourites. I conquered my fear of rides in the dark and roller coasters (or at least roller coaster like rides). My favourite ride would have to Space Mountain. We went on it twice in one day and if I could have I would have gone on it 10 more times. Space Mountain usually has a pretty long line up, but due to our Fast Passes we did not have to wait in much of a line the first time.

One tip I do have if you go to Disneyland is to pay attention and understand how “fast
passes” work. Basically from my understanding you go to the ride or near the ride and pick up a ticket for a Fast Pass. On the fast pass it will say a time to come back (ie. Between 3:00 and 4:00). This way you do not have to wait in a line for two hours, instead you only have to wait a few minutes because you get to go in a special line. Fast Passes are free, but you can only get one at a time and some rides run out fast. Make sure you get a map of the park and the rides that offer Fast Passes will be labelled. Some people who have Park Hopper tickets sometimes switch between Disneyland and California Adventure because both parks offer Fast Passes and you are allowed to have one in each park. If you do not understand how these passes work just ask a park employee they are
all super friendly and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

The weather on the last day was probably the best. The temperature was 29 degrees Celsius and in the evening I did not even have to put warmer clothes on to watch the parade (I had to the night before). One suggestion I do have since the weather changes
from being cold to hot is to rent a locker at the park to put warm clothing in.
This way you do not have to carry the clothes around with you, but they are
there if you need them.

There are two tips that I want everyone to know. First if you are in a line up in a ride before the park closes (it could even be five minutes before closing) they still let
you go on the ride because you were already in line. Secondly, the stores stay open for a while past the Park’s closing. For example last night Disneyland closed at nine, so 10 minutes before nine we lined up to go on Space Mountain one last time and because we were in line we still got to go on the ride even after nine. After going on the ride we still had time to do some shopping, which was nice.

I really loved watching the nightly parades at both parks. I would highly recommend it to
everyone. They are not too long, but it gives you a chance to take a rest and see any characters that you may have missed during the day. Make sure you ask a park employee what time it is at and go a few minutes early so you can get a good seat-the closer you are to the parade the better!

There are a few more stories I would love to share with everyone as well as a few more tips so either tomorrow or Sunday (or both) I will be making a few more short posts
with stories that I did not get to share with everyone and a few more tips.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

My Review Of The Place I’ve Seen

Disneyland Resort Anaheim

“Great fun for the whole family!”

This park has a variety of food, rides, games, and more. You can see your favourite Disney character (even get a photo or autograph), go on rides made for kids or adults. I love the churrios here! The parade is an awesome way to end your evening. Lastly, all of the staff are super friendly and always willing to help you.

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