Day 4: The day of rest.

**This is a post from my old blog on TravelPod, but I have imported the content to my new blog!**

Good evening everyone!

Unfortunately today we did not do anything majorly exciting because we were tired from the past few day’s activities. My Granny was also feeling a little under the weather. We slept in until a little passed 10 and then hung out in our hotel for a bit and watched T.V.

At about noon we headed over to iHop and had some delicious pancakes and then did some shopping at the “Outlets at Orange”.


As you can tell, I do not have any exciting stories to tell you and no new pictures with a Johnny Depp look-a-likes.

I have decided to take this moment to answer a few frequently asked questions that have been asked here or on Facebook.

1. What has the weather been like?

Answer: I find by mid-afternoon the weather is warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt, but always have a sweater near by just in case. The hottest day for me would most likely have been the day we went to Universal Studios. Today for instance was a little cloudy and windy so I was rather cold. For all my Calgary friends the weather reminds me of fall weather, but a bit warmer and sunnier. To sum it up it is way warmer than where I am from, but still not hot enough to leave your sweater at home.

2. Did you know Water World was regarded as a bad movie?

Answer: No I did not. The show at Universal Studios was the only thing I have seen regarding the movie. I do not know anything about the plot or reviews of the movie. I just thought it was neat to see the variety of stunts done live in person.

3. Did you get a picture with the Minions at Universal Studios?

Answer: Sadly, no. I wanted to, but the Minions are really popular with the young people, so the line was really long!

4. Are you having fun?

Answer: Of course! If I were not having fun I would not be posting such fabulous photos and reviews. I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to come here.

That is all for tonight folks! Tomorrow morning we head to Disneyland to have lunch with different characters and meet with some family members and explore the parks. Night!

My Reviews Of The Places I Stayed:

Holiday Inn Anaheim-Resort Area

“Clean and comfy ”

The staff here are very kind. The hotel is very clean. I wish our room had better lighting it is very dark in the middle of the room, which is kind of annoying if you need to see something important. The pool and hot tub are great (the pool is heated, which is nice!). The only thing I would changed about this hotel are the people right beside the front desk who keep trying to sell us a time share.

The Block at Orange

“Great shopping! (now called ‘Outlets at Orange’)”

The shopping here was great! There was a variety of stores and places to eat. I loved how all of the stores were connected like a mall, but at the same time the mall was outside. If you like shopping you’ll want to come here. It is a short distance from Disneyland.

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